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Oh Magoo, you’ve done it again.

Posted in: Harvey, Surfboard by Richard Harvey on December 20, 2009

Surprised at the opening by an old classic shaped in the 70′s at The Burleigh Surf Co. In beautiful original condition, this one owner single fin has soft full box rails, hairline resin pinline with custom airbrush and a soft vee in the tail. It was shaped for John McGhee and is now part of his family’s collection.  The airbrush depicts Mr Magoo (being blind as a bat) with his Billabong cord shorts, layered thongs, looking for waves in the wrong direction. Of course with John’s passion being photography, the Nikon is hanging around Magoo’s neck. Left to right Richard, John and son Andrew.



Will be down at the Burleigh Single Fin comp along with some other single fin gems, on the 9th & 10th Jan 2010

honolulu single fin


Posted in: News, Surfboard by Richard Harvey on December 19, 2009

More interesting projects in progress.

A replica Greenough Spoon and a Balsa crawford slab with burnished logos and triple stringer.

balsa kb 1

balsa kb 2

spoon bot

spoon top

spoon rail

Miami Opening

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The Opening went smoothly, the cold beer and champers got drunk, (most of it).

Opening crew

Some of the crew, more crowd photos to come. Photo by Billy Spong. Left to right Carl McCarthy, General manager of South Coast Foam, Richard and Jesse Watson, Black Apache Surfboards and rider of the new wave.

Sneak peek at the new Harvey Surf Gallery

Posted in: News by Richard Harvey on December 10, 2009

A picture tells a thousand words so here are four. See you Saturday for the opening.

Harveys Surf Gallery Miami 3

Harveys Surf Gallery Miami 4

Harveys Surf Gallery Miami 2

Harveys Surf Gallery Miami 1

Livewire – The Guy Ormerod Story

Posted in: News by Richard Harvey on December 8, 2009

An inspirational movie by Shane Gillard soon to have it’s Premiere Night at Harvey Surf Miami.

Stay tuned for dates and times

live wire

Switch Foot II

Posted in: News by Richard Harvey on

This beautifully hardbound book is the sequel to the award winning (Australian Surfing Hall Of Fame) first book by Andrew Crockett

4 years in the making

90 contributors

368 pages

1000 + unique images

16 ‘Legends of the Lens’

The other side of surfing

Available now

switch foot II

Surfing World 300th Edition

Posted in: News by Richard Harvey on December 6, 2009

Upcoming add for the 300th issue of Surfing World

Upcoming add for the 300th issue of Surfing World

Milestone issue of Surfing World, the 300th issue. Dont normally advertise this way but made an exception for this one.

A collage of photos from my personal collection. Thanks to all the photographers who contributed.

And congratulations to Surfing World on the ongoing success of the magazine.

Harvey Surf is open at Miami

Posted in: Harvey, Surfboard by Richard Harvey on

The last six weeks sure went quickly, even though I was spending 12 hours a day and seven days a week getting it organised.

When all the boards were shifted and in their new racks and all the paintings had been hung, there still seemed to be so much space.

So it’s only the fine tuning of the new shop that has to be done over the next few days and a clean up at the old address and all is in readiness for the opening.

Surfboard orders have been steadily coming in so I will be back into the shaping bay this week and getting it all moving again.