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Pics of the Mini Simmons

Posted in: Harvey, model, News, Surfboard by Richard Harvey on January 25, 2010

Finally got some pics of the Mini Simmons (had a camera meltdown).

5’6″ x 20″ Some of the features are a high low rail, double foiled cedar and glass fins, yellow resin tint.

More coming through the factory now.

Spoon & Balsa Kneelos

Posted in: News, Surfboard by Richard Harvey on January 7, 2010

Been working on these two from before christmas and they will be finished ready to ship to the new owner Greg Walsh in Western Australia by the end of the week.

The Greenough style spoon, built to original specs will be sprayed red with a clear centre section and will have a 600 wet & dry finish.

The triple stringer balsa slab is going to be finish coated and polished.

More pics when completed.


Posted in: News by Richard Harvey on January 4, 2010