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Fish Fry Interview

Posted in: Fish, News, Surfboard, Wooden Surfboards & Alias by Richard Harvey on June 24, 2010

Recently published clip on You Tube with an interview by Grant Newby at the Currumbin Fish Fry.

The easy way to find it is to Type in Richard Harvey Fish Fry in your You Tube search.

Crescent Head painting completed

Posted in: Art, News by Richard Harvey on June 22, 2010

Just finished this one of Crescent Heads. In the gallery section of the site are several photos of the stages, price etc.

Viewing of the original at the Gallery Miami.


Posted in: Art, News by Richard Harvey on June 13, 2010

Half of my collection of Robots out on display. The collection is being catalogued and will be for sale shortly. If the collection fails to sell then it will be broken up and sold separately. A list of all the robots will be added as soon as I can get the details on to the site.

There is a wide selection of Robots but the collection is mainly from Film and television.

No 1 Name      Size       Material     Brand

“Single Fin Style” finds a new home

Posted in: Art by Richard Harvey on

Single Fin Style, a painting depicting Peter Drouyn laying down a clean bottom turn at Burleigh, before the wind turned Westerly.

Painted from an original photo from Dick Hoole.

Pictures from around the Glassing Bay

Posted in: News by Richard Harvey on

6 oz and 4 oz fibreglass off cuts.

Fin Daze

Posted in: News, Surfboard by Richard Harvey on

Several fins projects that have been hanging around for a while are nearing completion.

Batik fabric inlay into clear glass with yellow tint outside layers.

Rising Fist – Cedar and balsa laser cut solid timber glass-on single fin.  Even though timber fins have weight when on dry land, their buoyancy adds a lighter feel when in the water.

Cedar and balsa laser cut Hawaiian floral timber fin.

Solid glass box fin – hand cut out of palm tree with yellow tinted glitter  fill resin and red highlights.

Quad fish and Mini Simmons pics

Posted in: model, News, Surfboard by Richard Harvey on June 6, 2010

Snapped a couple of pics of some recent production, both quad fish and mini Simmons.