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Alaia Project

Posted in: Alaia, News by Richard Harvey on January 18, 2012

It didn’t take long for one surfer to take advantage of the new Alaia blanks in stock. As part of the Surfboard Shapers Workshop he shaped his own in around 5 hours complete with logo, ready to surf.

For more about shaping your own Alaia check out

Venturi Effect

Posted in: News, Projects, Surfboard by Richard Harvey on January 14, 2012

An interesting idea presented to be built. A short board 5’6″ with a planing hull and then added nose length to 7′ plus rolled bottom with high rails. Then covered deck channels funneling air down through tubes in the centre deck and through to the bottom. The water running along the bottom pulls the air through and aerates the channels on the bottom creating lift. Fin support plates in multiple positions allow for a wide variety of position and effects for his Wave Fin patented design. Little glass side wings following the planshape at the wide point add even more bite and lift. Took a bit of discussion and planning but the result has nice lines and looks functional. Pics show the whole story.





Alaia Blanks now in stock

Posted in: News, Wooden Surfboards & Alias by Richard Harvey on

Now have a bunch of paulownia Alaia blanks. Australian first grade quality at 25mm thick, rough sawn, 2.1 mtrs long 48 cms wide. Can glue up with cedar stringers if required. Call for more info.

Love these projects

Posted in: News, Surfboard by Richard Harvey on January 12, 2012

Just finished a new 10 footer, triple stringer curved balsa nose blocks, balsa tail block, balsa look panelling. Bit of a gem.

Always like it when those orders come through, people wanting to buy craftsmanship rather than at a price.