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New me

Posted in: Fish, Harvey, model, News, Surfboard by Richard Harvey on August 8, 2012

Put a bit of weight on over the last few years, seems like as you get older the metabolism slows down, so the fat doesn’t get burnt off.

Went on a special program over 6 weeks and took off around 20 kgs. Now down to my recommended weight of 76 kgs.

Feeling like a million dollars even if I don’t have anywhere near that in the bank.

Looking forward to getting back on some smaller boards over summer.

Still have my nice noserider and a new 9’5″ double ender pintail single fin, as well as a 7’6 round pintail board I built for myself before the weight started to stack on which I haven’t ridden.

Now all we need is some waves. In the meantime some of the boards I have built in the last week or so.

The Big Skipper is an easy paddling longer fish, hand laminated timber veneer fins, blue tint top and bottom, mustard pinlines.

Very pretty board.


Wooden Surfboard Day at Currumbin

Posted in: Art, News, Surfboard, Wooden Surfboards & Alias by Richard Harvey on

Grant Newby has been organizing both the Fish Fry and the Wooden Surfboard Day for a few years now.

This year there were boards coming from a wood working angle and boards from shapers and everything in between.

My favorites were a beautiful board from Paul Joske, built from a paulownia tree that he planted the seed about 10 years ago and a Hot Curl replica, shaped by Old mate John Mantle, built from the beer vats of the old demolished Reschs Brewery in Sydney

Also had a few of my boards and art pieces on show.

Decided to take some boards that were a combination of timber work added to foam.

Great day, great event.

Skippy goes to Israel

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A surfer from Israel, wanted to take homeĀ a reminder of his trip to the Land Down Under.