Richard started surfing on the northern beaches of Sydney in the late 1950’s and wasn’t long after that his artistic side started to be revealed. Apart from a successful surfing career, Richard has travelled extensively, following the surf around the world which still inspires him to create works of art that reflect his love of surfing and the ocean. They range from modern contemporary style paintings on canvas to classic seascapes and timeless images of surfers on waves.

Painting for over 30 years, Richard’s range of styles is broad, his art work uses oils, acrylic, enamels and pastels. Studying for a short time at Noth Sydney Technical College, Richard is mainly self taught with inspiration coming from a variety of interests including people and the beach environment. Richard is available for commission work ranging from portraiture to his well renowned surfscapes.

Richard’s shaping experience of over 40 years offers:

A wide variety of surfboard designs.

Years of accumulated knowledge and experience of surfboard design.

Extensive experience from surfing waves of all sizes around the world.

Personal attention to handcrafting custom surfboards since 1968.

Meticilious attention to quality construction.

Shaping thousands of boards for surfers of all abilities.

Competition success at the highest levels.

Handcrafted in Australia.

Creative original artwork to individualize your board.

His busy agenda of painting, photography, writing and surfboard shaping keeps him enthused and he has a small studio/gallery on the Gold Coast where he showcases his latest creations and which enables him to continue to live the dream.

Richard can be contacted at his gallery at Unit 3 10 Pacific Ave Miami

Phone on 0414 557624. info@harveysurf.com