Alaia Project

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It didn’t take long for one surfer to take advantage of the new Alaia blanks in stock. As part of the Surfboard Shapers Workshop he shaped his own in around 5 hours complete with logo, ready to surf.

For more about shaping your own Alaia check out

Wooden Surfboard Day at Currumbin

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The Wooden Surfboard Day at Currumbin was an amazing experience.

Board shapers from both the wood working end and the surfboard shapers end joined to make a day that was a learning experience for every one.
Several of the boards that impressed me and there were many to choose from were the Brewer 11′ gun and the boards from Paul and Sage Joske at Valla.
Pics above are a few of my boards, balsa, Alaia, handboards, lying on the lawn. My balsa 7′ single fin with the big daddy of them all a Dick Brewer gun and a collection of Alaia from Paul & Sage. The centre board is a hot curl, with a soft roll vee made from solid paulownia.