Yesterday – An exhibition at V.S.T.R Byron Bay

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John Mantle, Rusty Miller and Richard Harvey, three directions, one passion, surfing. Through the golden era of the 60’s and 70’s, they shaped, photographed and painted to record their lifestyle through a special time. Yesterday is an exhibition celebrating their different directions. Rusty’s photography, capturing the moods of the 1960’s and 70’s in Hawaii and Australia and now his images are morphed into Turning Point, Rusty’s first book. John has been a part of the surfboard manufacturing industry world wide, working with many notable shapers and surfers and is now focusing his energies on classic Hawaiian timber surfboards and single fins. Richard has a small studio on the Gold Coast and spends his time shaping, painting and teaching the lost art of handcrafting surfboards. We are sure you will enjoy the work of these three surfers who truly lived the golden era that was Yesterday. The evening was opened by the inimitable Dave Rastovitch. 

Photo Jeff Dawson





Many thanks to Harry Henderson and the guys at V.S.T.R for their help with setting up the exhibition, much appreciated.




Wooden Surfboard Day at Currumbin

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Grant Newby has been organizing both the Fish Fry and the Wooden Surfboard Day for a few years now.

This year there were boards coming from a wood working angle and boards from shapers and everything in between.

My favorites were a beautiful board from Paul Joske, built from a paulownia tree that he planted the seed about 10 years ago and a Hot Curl replica, shaped by Old mate John Mantle, built from the beer vats of the old demolished Reschs Brewery in Sydney

Also had a few of my boards and art pieces on show.

Decided to take some boards that were a combination of timber work added to foam.

Great day, great event.

Skippy goes to Israel

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A surfer from Israel, wanted to take home a reminder of his trip to the Land Down Under.

Upcoming Exhibition sneak peek

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Been working on an upcoming exhibition.

Here is a sneak peek at what’s been finished so far.

“Moon over Burleigh”

“Summer Day at Cabarita”

“Coastal Banksia at North Burleigh”

“4th Avenue Burleigh Heads”

“Burleigh Corner”

Recent art commission

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An early walk along the beach at sunrise. What a great way to start the day. Recent commission, acrylic on canvas 40″ x 30″, on it’s way to Melbourne.

Surf Wagons

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The second series delivered to the Red Hill Gallery in Brisbane is a series of Australia classic surf wagons.

Acrylic and ink on canvas size 910 x 610 For all detail please contact Red Hill Gallery.




Panel Van

Curved Horizon Series

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Recently finish two series of paintings for Red Hill Gallery in Brisbane.

The first, painted in the style I call Organic Pop are scenes of Brisbane city, the islands off the coast, the Botanical gardens and the river as well as my favorite the circle of Cuban Royal Palm in the botanical gardens. They are now on display at the Gallery.

All are acrylic and ink on canvas measuring 1210 x 910 For further info on these paintings contact Red Hill Gallery.

Across the River

The Island

River Bend

Cuban Palms

Snapper Rocks Postcard

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Pretty sure you wouldn’t have seen this little gem. Snapper Rocks to Rainbow Bay, Greenmount and Kirra on the Gold Coast.

This 110 year old hand coloured postcard is part of the “Coloured Shell Series” printed in Germany.

It is addressed to Miss Archdall. “The Baun” Bundaberg with a one penny Queensland stamp.

If you live up that way and have any info on “Miss Archdall”  I would love to know.

Timber Alaia

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A reversible timber Alaia with removable timber fin, stained with a deep burgundy.

Due to the high / low rail design this board can be surfed upside down and back the front.

Remove the fin for the true Alaia slide.

6’9″ x 18″ Paulownia. On display at the studio at Miami.

Also have some Paulownia blanks available if you want to shape your own Alaia.

FJ Holden

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It wasn’t until I started painting this iconic Australian car that I became aware of it’s voluptuous lines.

Soon to be finished and signed and on display at the studio.

This is the first piece in a series of classic surf vehicles. Others will include VW Beetle, Falcon and a Valiant.

Acrylic on canvas 36″ x 24″