Crescent Head painting completed

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Just finished this one of Crescent Heads. In the gallery section of the site are several photos of the stages, price etc.

Viewing of the original at the Gallery Miami.


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Half of my collection of Robots out on display. The collection is being catalogued and will be for sale shortly. If the collection fails to sell then it will be broken up and sold separately. A list of all the robots will be added as soon as I can get the details on to the site.

There is a wide selection of Robots but the collection is mainly from Film and television.

No 1 Name      Size       Material     Brand

“Single Fin Style” finds a new home

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Single Fin Style, a painting depicting Peter Drouyn laying down a clean bottom turn at Burleigh, before the wind turned Westerly.

Painted from an original photo from Dick Hoole.

Graphic Design to the Surfing Industry

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As a part of Harvey Surf it has always been my intention to provide a graphic design service to the surfing industry. With my 15 years experiences working with elite surf company Billabong it only seemed natural to continue this type of work, although now combined with the variety of making a few boards and doing some art.

One recent part of a corporate image remake was a project for Southcoast Foam. You may have seen their new delivery van driving around.

Noosa Festival of Surfing – Charity Auction

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As I have done last year, I am again donating a piece of art on a board supplied by sponsor Global Surf Industries to be auctioned off at the Noosa Festival of Surfing.

Called “Tip Time” it is what most surfers dream about, pleanty of empty waves to be shared with friends.

“The Old Track to Bells”

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Just finished a commission of “The Old Track to Bells” and am pleased with the result.

I am often asked what this style is that I have developed, this is probably the best explanation.

Based on a concept where having been to a surf spot, even many years ago, certain features stick in my memory. But painting from memory it is easy to miss certain elements. With this style I paint the strongest iconic features of the landscape to capture the feel of the spot. By elevating the view it allows me to incorporate a different perspective. The style, which I call “organic pop”, is then developed with smooth soft curving shapes that fit together to give a relaxed feel but still showing the iconic features of the landscape. The emotion of colour is something I have always used in my art and adds to the pleasure of viewing the piece. The smooth flowing lines of the ocean swell tell their own story.  A similar method is used by the Australian Aboriginals in their dreamtime paintings to describe landscape features, animal tracks although with a dot technique. My style can be abstracted to a point that only once the features are pointed out do they become recognizable.