New me

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Put a bit of weight on over the last few years, seems like as you get older the metabolism slows down, so the fat doesn’t get burnt off.

Went on a special program over 6 weeks and took off around 20 kgs. Now down to my recommended weight of 76 kgs.

Feeling like a million dollars even if I don’t have anywhere near that in the bank.

Looking forward to getting back on some smaller boards over summer.

Still have my nice noserider and a new 9’5″ double ender pintail single fin, as well as a 7’6 round pintail board I built for myself before the weight started to stack on which I haven’t ridden.

Now all we need is some waves. In the meantime some of the boards I have built in the last week or so.

The Big Skipper is an easy paddling longer fish, hand laminated timber veneer fins, blue tint top and bottom, mustard pinlines.

Very pretty board.


Single Fin

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Nice diamond tail single fin, soft minty green tint on bottom and fabric deck insert with matching fin. All finish coated and polished. Lots of retro fun.

The Deep End

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THE DEEP END – A Skateboarding Exhibition 

A collaboration with the launching of “Seventyseven”, a new company producing handcrafted custom skatedecks, Photographs from a Pool Session in Ventura, California 1975 by Richard Harvey and Skate Art by Jarro Dartnell.

Friday 13th April, doors open at 5 pm and Saturday 14th April from 9.30 am.

Harvey Surf Gallery, 10 Pacific Ave Miami, Gold Coast

Andy Cooper, creator of Seventyseven says he discovered Skateboarding in the Summer of 1977. A year in which the sport took a quantum leap when the “Z Boys”, riding empty swimming pools started to leave the coping and gave birth to the aerial manoeuvre that would in time revolutionize the sport, and influence both surfing and snowboarding.

Seventyseven is producing skatedecks that carry a sense of pride and a style that is unique and evolving. “We want our customers to have the freedom to design for themselves their own unique rides by choosing from a range of shapes, colours and styles. Our skatedecks are rideable works of art and our brand is a point of difference in the Skateboarding spectrum.”

“Ride Different”

Micro Mal

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A while ago someone came into the studio and was saying it would be good if he could get one board that did everything. After a bit of design planning I came up with this Micro Mal. It is a condensed longboard with nose concave combined with a pintail flyer for grip and performance, light twin concave vee throw the wide board up on the rail for shorter turns off the tail.

Fin combinations are pretty varied, single for more glide then increase the side fin size and reduce the centre back fin for turning.  Twin fins, thrusters and an extra set of plugs can be added to a custom order to make it a quad. This one has a bit of everything. So you can have “that fruit salad surfing feeling”.

Dont ride it too big as it already has width for stability and fuller rails for added buoyancy. This one is 6’5″ x 22″ x 2 3/4″

Lime Green tint on bottom and rails, multi coloured resin deck panel, finish coated and polished. All you have to do is choose your fin combo (fins extra) $890 Available in the studio now.


Something different

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Always wanting to do something different, so thought I would throw my hat in the ring to do some acting.

Have joined an agency on the Gold Coast and set up all the necessary contacts.

Waiting for that part where they want a greying, surfer / artist to play the part on an isolated tropical island. Might be waiting a while for that one.

Signed with Gael McDonald at Williams Talent Agency if you come across someone who may be interested. Profile is on AT2.

Pics of the Mini Simmons

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Finally got some pics of the Mini Simmons (had a camera meltdown).

5’6″ x 20″ Some of the features are a high low rail, double foiled cedar and glass fins, yellow resin tint.

More coming through the factory now.

Oh Magoo, you’ve done it again.

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Surprised at the opening by an old classic shaped in the 70′s at The Burleigh Surf Co. In beautiful original condition, this one owner single fin has soft full box rails, hairline resin pinline with custom airbrush and a soft vee in the tail. It was shaped for John McGhee and is now part of his family’s collection.  The airbrush depicts Mr Magoo (being blind as a bat) with his Billabong cord shorts, layered thongs, looking for waves in the wrong direction. Of course with John’s passion being photography, the Nikon is hanging around Magoo’s neck. Left to right Richard, John and son Andrew.



Will be down at the Burleigh Single Fin comp along with some other single fin gems, on the 9th & 10th Jan 2010

honolulu single fin

Miami Opening

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The Opening went smoothly, the cold beer and champers got drunk, (most of it).

Opening crew

Some of the crew, more crowd photos to come. Photo by Billy Spong. Left to right Carl McCarthy, General manager of South Coast Foam, Richard and Jesse Watson, Black Apache Surfboards and rider of the new wave.

Harvey Surf is open at Miami

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The last six weeks sure went quickly, even though I was spending 12 hours a day and seven days a week getting it organised.

When all the boards were shifted and in their new racks and all the paintings had been hung, there still seemed to be so much space.

So it’s only the fine tuning of the new shop that has to be done over the next few days and a clean up at the old address and all is in readiness for the opening.

Surfboard orders have been steadily coming in so I will be back into the shaping bay this week and getting it all moving again.

Wooden Surfboard Day at Currumbin

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The Wooden Surfboard Day at Currumbin was an amazing experience.

Board shapers from both the wood working end and the surfboard shapers end joined to make a day that was a learning experience for every one.
Several of the boards that impressed me and there were many to choose from were the Brewer 11′ gun and the boards from Paul and Sage Joske at Valla.
Pics above are a few of my boards, balsa, Alaia, handboards, lying on the lawn. My balsa 7′ single fin with the big daddy of them all a Dick Brewer gun and a collection of Alaia from Paul & Sage. The centre board is a hot curl, with a soft roll vee made from solid paulownia.