Surfboard Shaping Stands

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Dismountable Surfboard Shaping Stands

Suitable for shaping, repairs or display.

Comes partially assembled, needs side support plates screw on (screws included)

Stable and lightweight, all timber with padded top, colour white / timber.

Size 900 mm long (when assembled), 900 mm high, 500 mm wide base

Suitable for all sized boards.

Comes boxed with screws ready to assemble.

$175 plus freight (depending on destination) See The Shop, please email for freight quote before ordering.

Carbon and Balsa Fin Plug Support Plates

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That’s quite a mouth full, Carbon and Balsa Fin Plug Support Plates. But this is how it works. Plugs, particularly the side plugs take all the impact, and as most plugs don’t have any sideways support, this ends up with broken plugs. So some plug manufacturers have developed plugs which incorporate support, but have only fixed angles in which the plug can be installed. So to overcome this dilemma I have designed a two part installation. The base gets glassed in when the bottom is laminated, this base is a similar shape to an existing system so no new jigs are required. Then the plugs are installed when the board is finished being glassed. The advantage of this two step installation is that the angle of the plugs can be adjusted for variation in the bottom designs, such as concaves or bonzers. The balsa base gives greater strength than hi density foam as the fibre directs the energy lengthways, and the carbon surface gives lateral support. Great looking, easy to install and uses standard, readily available plugs. A winner all round. Soon to be available for sale to manufacturers.


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A red longboard, a picture tells a thousand words.

It’s a messy job

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It’s a messy job but someone has to do it.  Lots of colours and containers of sticky, smelly resin, but the results are worth it.

Nice New Blue Tint Rounded Pintail Quiver

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Recently finished a couple of boards, nice blue tint rounded pintails. Wouldn’t mind having a quiver like that myself.

New Carbon Mini Simmons

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The Mini Simmons revolution is gathering steam. My latest creation is a carbon bottom with red tint and gold metal flake deck, paulownia timber and carbon keels. All polished and shiney.

Carbon Mini Simmons

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The Mini Simmons and the Micro Mals have been the popular boards this last month. This one in progress has beautiful carbon bottom and printed timber deck panel with laser cut timber and carbon keel fins. The texture is sensational. Will be finished and polished in a couple of weeks. This is a progress pic.

Skull Micro Mal

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7’2″ x 24″  x 3 1/2″  Micro Mal. Double plugged and 10″ box, Ride it as a quad, single, twin, thruster or whatever.

Like the fruit salad  surfboard, a bit of everything.

Rice and Hemp Quad Fish

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Been working on an interesting project lately, the blank was blown with rice and hemp.

Eat it, smoke it, surf it.

The hand mixed Japanese foam is a soft milky brown that goes a lighter shade when exposed to the light, opposite to a polyurethane blank.

Small bubbles in the hand mixed foam show up like freckles.

The fish shaped quad fin has inlaid abalone shell and cedar logo.

A little invention which I have been working on is a balsa fin plug support that spreads the load of the fins out onto the board and strengthens the plugs.

After a little investigation into fin plug damage (90% of all surfboard repairs, according to a local ding shop) I have been told that the styrene escaping from the resin creates a fine separation between the plug and the resin that is supposed to support them.

Coating the plug with a thin layer of laminating resin then allowing it to go off before they are inserted allows the styrene to escape from around the plastic, then when the plugs are inserted into into the balsa support plate, the bond is the strongest that I have been able to achieve for a plug system.

Advantages of the Fin Plug Support (FPS)

Separate 10 mm thick balsa base that allows the fin angles to be adjusted when inserted.

FPS is installed under glass. Strengthens and reduces movement of the fin plugs.

Spreads the load from the fins out onto the board connecting the power of the fins to the board for a better, crisper surfing feeling.

Timber Alaia

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A reversible timber Alaia with removable timber fin, stained with a deep burgundy.

Due to the high / low rail design this board can be surfed upside down and back the front.

Remove the fin for the true Alaia slide.

6’9″ x 18″ Paulownia. On display at the studio at Miami.

Also have some Paulownia blanks available if you want to shape your own Alaia.