The Old Track to Bells

Just finished a commission of “The Old Track to Bells” and am pleased with the result.

I am often asked what this style is that I have developed, this is probably the best explanation.

Based on a concept where having been to a surf spot, even many years ago, certain features stick in my memory. But painting from memory it is easy to miss certain elements. With this style I paint the strongest iconic features of the landscape to capture the feel of the spot. By elevating the view it allows me to incorporate a different perspective. The style, which I call “organic pop”, is then developed with smooth soft curving shapes that fit together to give a relaxed feel but still showing the iconic features of the landscape. The emotion of colour is something I have always used in my art and adds to the pleasure of viewing the piece. The smooth flowing lines of the ocean swell tell their own story.  A similar method is used by the Australian Aboriginals in their dreamtime paintings to describe landscape features, animal tracks although with a dot technique. My style can be abstracted to a point that only once the features are pointed out do they become recognizable.