Tiki Series

Four pieces make up the Tiki Series. The three brothers Huey, Sol and Kahuna show the morning, midday and evening moods of the day.

HUEY – The Surf Tiki and oldest of the brothers wakes early and ushers in the morning to the beat of creation.

SOL – The Sun Tiki and second brother, loves the colour and excitment that each day brings and holds high the sun at mid-day.

KAHUNA – The Party TikiĀ  and youngest, loves having a good time and gives a happy hour toast to celebrate another great day.

The Finalists are a group of our favourite tiki surfers from the past, all part of the Tiki Cup Final. I like the expression on Miki’s face as he checks the seagull about to leave a calling card on Huey’s head.

All these Tiki paintings are available as reproductions. Please contact for details.