Over the years I have been privileged to have many photographers capture my surfing journeys. In particular, two lifelong friends have made major contributions to this collection. Bruce Usher and Dick Hoole are both extremely talented photographers. Dedicated to standing for hours behind their camera waiting for that once in a lifetime shot, while others and myself have enjoyed some of the best waves the world had to offer. I much appreciate theirs and all contributions from other photographers. If I haven’t credited the photographer, I appologise as some photos have come from my old collection.

The photo below is from another very talented surfer and photographer Bruce Channon. Bruce and I grew up together at Mona Vale and Bruce went on to a professional photographic career with Surfing World Magazine and more recently editor of Australian Longboard Magazine. He also is a very successful competitor in the Longboard Surfing arena. This photo probably captures my surfing attitude the best. Thanks.

burleigh shoulder dip022

Playing with the lip at Burleigh circa 1974 Photo by Bruce Channon