A Hot Curl timber surfboard

Posted in: News, Surfboard, Wooden Surfboards & Alias by Richard Harvey on December 21, 2012

Came across this beautiful piece of Silky Oak timber early this month. It was cut and milled in North Queensland  by Don Taylor from a 100 year old tree and has been curing after that for about 30 years. Absolutely amazing grain, with the golden colour finally revealed after it was finished. The board that I shaped from this solid piece was a 7’10″ x 19″ x 2″ solid Hot Curl timber surfboard replica. It has a slight concave deck, rolled bottom running into a deep tail vee. The Hot Curl surfboard, developed around the mid 1930′s, was named because the board allowed the surfer to maneouver into the ‘curl’ of the wave.

These are the process photos.

Steve securing the valuable cargo

What Have I go myself into, only an hour and a half to go, wonder how the elbow will feel in the morning.

One side of the planshape cut.

Lots of brown dust.

Beautiful grain of the Silky Oak

Rough shaped

The finished product

 Think that it could be displayed with the off cut, still working on how.

The board is for sale and can be viewed at my studio. POA