Rice and Hemp Quad Fish

Posted in: Fish, News, Surfboard by Richard Harvey on July 4, 2010

Been working on an interesting project lately, the blank was blown with rice and hemp.

Eat it, smoke it, surf it.

The hand mixed Japanese foam is a soft milky brown that goes a lighter shade when exposed to the light, opposite to a polyurethane blank.

Small bubbles in the hand mixed foam show up like freckles.

The fish shaped quad fin has inlaid abalone shell and cedar logo.

A little invention which I have been working on is a balsa fin plug support that spreads the load of the fins out onto the board and strengthens the plugs.

After a little investigation into fin plug damage (90% of all surfboard repairs, according to a local ding shop) I have been told that the styrene escaping from the resin creates a fine separation between the plug and the resin that is supposed to support them.

Coating the plug with a thin layer of laminating resin then allowing it to go off before they are inserted allows the styrene to escape from around the plastic, then when the plugs are inserted into into the balsa support plate, the bond is the strongest that I have been able to achieve for a plug system.

Advantages of the Fin Plug Support (FPS)

Separate 10 mm thick balsa base that allows the fin angles to be adjusted when inserted.

FPS is installed under glass. Strengthens and reduces movement of the fin plugs.

Spreads the load from the fins out onto the board connecting the power of the fins to the board for a better, crisper surfing feeling.