Yesterday – An exhibition at V.S.T.R Byron Bay

Posted in: Art, News, Projects, Surfboard, surfing, Wooden Surfboards & Alias by Richard Harvey on December 21, 2012

John Mantle, Rusty Miller and Richard Harvey, three directions, one passion, surfing. Through the golden era of the 60’s and 70’s, they shaped, photographed and painted to record their lifestyle through a special time. Yesterday is an exhibition celebrating their different directions. Rusty’s photography, capturing the moods of the 1960’s and 70’s in Hawaii and Australia and now his images are morphed into Turning Point, Rusty’s first book. John has been a part of the surfboard manufacturing industry world wide, working with many notable shapers and surfers and is now focusing his energies on classic Hawaiian timber surfboards and single fins. Richard has a small studio on the Gold Coast and spends his time shaping, painting and teaching the lost art of handcrafting surfboards. We are sure you will enjoy the work of these three surfers who truly lived the golden era that was Yesterday. The evening was opened by the inimitable Dave Rastovitch. 

Photo Jeff Dawson





Many thanks to Harry Henderson and the guys at V.S.T.R for their help with setting up the exhibition, much appreciated.