Surfboard Models and Price List

Following are descriptions and logos for the wide range of available models.

Some are also available in different materials like balsa or paulownia.

All the prices have been added at the bottom of the page.

Please contact Harvey Surf for further details.


Balsa, the Rolls Royce of surfboards.

Strong yet light, the long fibre of balsa smoothes the waves vibration giving the feeling like riding over velvet.

The weight creates momentum and handles offshore wind extremely well.

Constant curve with no flex gives smooth long consistent turns.

Ideally suited to big wave guns and those seeking the flow and smoothness in a longboard, although a fish made of balsa is also a treat to ride.

Looks great hanging on a wall between surfs.

Available chambered, planked or solid and individual custom logo designs.

Also in paulownia timber.

Lengths up to 10’, all shapes and stringer combinations

Standard glassing – 6 oz bot 6 oz deck



Bob Simmons, “Father of Surfboard Design” inspired generations of shapers with his innovative and original shapes.

This hydro dynamic hull design is light, fast and fun to ride in small waves.

S deck for buoyancy and ease of paddling.

Available with timber keel fins

Lengths from 4’10” upwards

mini simmons


Alaia, one of the traditional Hawaiian surfboards.

Ridden thin, normally about 20mm for control and around seven foot in length. It allows the surfer to ride in a style that the Hawaiians call lala, sliding and having fun. Thin edges and a slight concave in the bottom also helps with control. Finless, although the concave planshape with a swallow tail creates lateral fins instead of vertical.

Ridden in all sorts of waves including double overhead, the Alaia gives the rider a fast clean and smooth surfing experience, that once mastered will help the surfer understand speed and positioning in greater depth.

Looks great hanging on a wall between surfs.

Available stained in limited selected colours or oiled.

Lengths 5’ to 7’, traditional square tail or swallow tails



A modern styled shortboard with dynamic bottom designs and high performance features such as single to twin concave bottoms, thinner rails for compression speed turns and quick rail to rail transitions. Plan shapes range from pintails to square including swallow tails.

Flyers and a variety of channel and smoother performing vee bottoms are also available. As this design gets longer the recommended plan shape for larger waves gets smoother to handle the longer turn line required. This is the essential middle piece of equipment in the three board quiver.

Available in thruster and quad design.

All lengths, widths and thicknesses



A modern styled big wave board with dynamic bottom designs and high performance features such as single to twin concave bottoms, low profile rails for compression speed turns and quick rail to rail transitions. Extra buoyancy allows for easier wave catching and stability in rougher conditions. Plan shapes range from pintails to square including swallow tails. Flyers and a variety of channel and smoother performing vee bottoms are also available. Longer and smoother planshapes handle larger waves with more confidence.Big wave equipment in the three board quiver.

Available in thruster, tri fin and quad design.

All lengths, widths and thicknesses



Smaller, wider and with more nose and tail area allows the fish to ride higher in the wave as well as increasing paddle power and giving more carry in small surf. A true fun board generally ridden smaller than your performance board, although with this design there are no rules. Stringerless with hardbond rails,

are just one of the options along with quad or keel fins, even 5 fins. The tail is normally a deep swallow to give hold through turns yet still maintain lift in small waves.

The fun piece of equipment in the three board quiver.

Bottom designs can be varied but a vee bottom is recommended to eliminate over reaction through turns.

Available with removable fins in quad combinations

and glass on keel fins for more drive.

flying fish


Area nose and soft rounded tail create a shorter board with plenty of curves for smooth yet tight surfing in waves without a lot of power. Easy paddling, yet thinner rails than a mini mal give more turn feel and positive rail connection to the wave. Loves a roundhouse cutback.

More area with a wide point in front of halfway allows the surfer to ride forward, a great advantage for glide in the pocket. Single into twin concave vee bottom gives lift and quick response through turns and cutbacks. Easy to surf and ideal for smaller gutless waves as well as a different feel in another part of the wave.

Available with removable or glass-on thruster fins.

Clear, sprayed or resin tints.

the pod


So many waves a so little time, this one catches them all yet still gives a smaller board feel with the extra rocker, concave bottom options and thruster fin combination.

More fun than a pig in mud, just be careful that you don’t make enemies from your surfing buddies by being too greedy.

Available with removable centre finbox and outrigger or thruster fin combinations. Glassing options range from light weight to super strong, also comes clear, sprayed or coloured.

fun hog


A hybrid between a modern shortboard and a mini mal the Retro combines the best paddle and stability qualities and the easy surfing of 70’s style boards. A soft slight vee in the tail helps lever turns and the softer more buoyant rails give an easier more forgiving ride. More nose lift than a standard mini mal creates safety in steeper take-offs while less nose area make it easier to duck dive in larger waves. The wider nose and tail planshape has more stability in all situations.

Available in 6’ to 8’ lengths with removable or glass on thruster fins. Standard glassing is a strong yet light combination of 6 oz bottom and 6 x 4 oz deck. Wide laps create rail strength. Colour options clear or sprayed.



The Twin Fin, a classic quick and responsive design that sits high on the surface of a wave giving ultimate freedom and manoeuvrability. Light concave vee in the tail gives control and quick direction changes allowing a small amount of controlled slide if desired. Great for an alternate wave feel and a lot of fun in small waves. Can be used with a small back stabiliser fin to gain extra control and direction if desired. Glass-on fins give hold and smoothness to the feel while adding strength to the larger area fins.

Comes standard with glass on fins with options of a removable plug system and a centre back stabiliser.

Available in various glass weights and colour combinations from airbrush art to resin tints for an individual look.



Three stage rocker with triple cut roll bottom and slight rolled vee in the tail, fast middle trim zone and flow-through nose concave for smoother noseriding. Softer transition between all three stages create an easier board to ride. A mid rail makes the board to sit lower in the water creating a smoother more connected wave feel. Comes standard with a square tail but also available in a rounded pintail. A fuller nose in the planshape gives more stability when noseriding. Optional extras are various stringer combos, volane glass and full resin tint finish.

Available 9’0” to 10’0” in widths from 22” to 23” and thickness to suit riders weight and paddle ability.

Standard fin combination single glass-on fin, also available with a single fin box.



Three stage rocker with a slight rolled vee in the tail, fast middle trim zone and flow-through nose concave for smoother noseriding. Softer transition between all three stages create an easier board to ride. A lower rail with more buoyancy allows the board to sit higher in the water. The fuller boxed rail gives a neutral feeling allowing the rider control without any major directional influence from the board. Rounded pintail and slightly pulled in nose shape create a more curvy planshape for more manoeuvrability and easier turning.

Available 9’0” to 10’0” in widths from 22” to 23” and thickness to suit riders weight and paddle ability.

Standard fin combination 10” single box with two small outrigger fins also available with glass-on single fin.



Have you ever wanted one board that does it all? Well the Micro is just the one. Full area nose with flow through concave allows for noseriding even though the board is only just over 6’ long. Fantastic paddle power and wave catching for those small days when you wish you had a mal but don’t want to ride a bigger board. Rounded pintail with flyers give control and manoeuvrability and the fin options are endless. Single fin for glide, tri fin for extra hold, twin fins for fun, thruster for performance. The hardest thing to decide is which combination to ride, you choose.

Comes standard with removable centre fin and outrigger fins. Various glassing options available.

micro mal


It’s a mini mal yet big on features, hence the name.

Easy paddling, easy wave catching, lots of buoyancy, area in the tail and nose create stability that make surfing easy.

A surfboard for either the inexperienced surfer or those wanting a board that carries them without any effort. The fuller rails create forgiveness through turns and lift through planning. A slight vee in the tail helps lever the board through the beginning of turns. Glassed in stronger 6 oz glass to handle the bumps and knocks that can happen.

Available with removable or glassed-on thruster fins.

Clear or coloured options in lengths from 6’6” to 7’6”



The Single Fin is designed to glide, free from the directional pressure of side fins, it runs smooth and clean and allows the rider to feel the wave more. It has a light tail vee and softer mid boxed rails which increases surfing freedom and smoothness.

Available in all sizes. Comes with either removable box fin or glass-on. Standard glassing in 6oz bot and 6 x 4 oz deck. Available in clear, mural airbrushed art and tints. Optional extras include triple stringers which add momentum and a classic look.



Bonzer 5, the Bonzer 3 was the forerunner of the thruster and has been modernized into this latest version. Deep twin concaves in the tail combined with a centre single fin and four thinner outside Bonzer fins which are layed out to a more acute angle than a thruster creating greater lift and freedom in the tail. Single fin smoothness and thruster manoeuverability make this a great feeling board with lots of control and speed. Available with centre 10″ box or glass on centre fin. Standard glassing or stringerless Hardbond rails. Lengths up to 9’4”, all shapes including longboards. Standard glassing – 6 oz bot – 6 + 4 oz deck

PRICE LIST as at 13 June 2010.

PRICES I(Australian dollars)
LENGTH                   6′          7′        8′            9′
BASE PRICE            $650   $750   $850    $950  Base finish is Wet dry with thruster set of plugs
BALSA                      $1800 $1900 $2000 $2200
EXTRAS (add)
TIMBER BLOCKS  $40      $40      $40      included  these can be either nose or tail blocks
BALSA RAILS         $300   $350    $400    $450
RESIN POUR          $50      $55       $60      $65 per side
8OZ VOLANE         $50      $55       $60      $65 per side
Mini Simmons    $725  includes timber fins (twin keels)
AIRBRUSH from $40 price depends on complexity.
QUADS $20    Extra plug set
FINBOX 10″ $10 $10 included included
FINISH COAT POLISH $120   $130   $140   $150
STRINGERLESS HARDBOND RAILS  $50  Stringerless blank for more spring on your surfing. Hardbond rails add strength and weight saving. (hollow glass parabolic rails)
Various stringer combinations are available please just ask as I enjoy doing special boards.
These prices may change without notice so please confirm when your board is ordered.


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  1. Richard Harvey

    Hi Sabrina, The Flying Fish is a stringerless board (no timber strip down the centre) and its strength is created through a process developed by me where an extra layer of glass is wrapped around the rail creating strength yet still remaining light.
    The colour can be added anywhere to the board but is generally added along the rails in the extra layer of cloth. this rail colour can be multiple colours so the sky is the limit.
    Being an artist I enjoy creating unique designs, but using a colour range and ideas that the customer requests. If you have some colours that you like then I can incorporate them into any design.
    I can also make up an original design if you have some guidelines or you can leave it to me. Hope this helps.
    Please feel free to contact me either by phone or email if I can assist any further. Regards Richard Harvey 0414 557624

    Comment by Richard Harvey on March 11, 2010 at 1:48 am