1930′s Replica Timber Surfboard

Posted in: News, Uncategorized by Richard Harvey on June 2, 2009

Started with some sketches done on my computer to give me an idea of the construction and steps.

Cut the side panels of the frame with a slight amount of bottom rocker in the nose and tail and cut the cross pieces to fit.
Glued the lightweight frame together then glued 3mm ply to the bottom and deck.
Trimmed the overhanging ply along the rails then glued the cedar strips onto the outside.
The cedar was trimmed then the balsa strips that I had left over from a previous board were glued onto the rails. 
I will be rough shaping the rails today and then once I have found the timber for the nose and tail blocks they will be glued on and the board will be finish shaped.
The measurements of the board are 9’0″ x 22″ x 2 1/4″
The weight made the board sit deeper in the water and the squarer rails stopped it from sliding sideways. There are many comments about sliding ass, referring to the sideways movement of this type of boards while riding a wave.
Not sure whether to add a fin as this style of board didn’t have one.
I have braced the inside of the bottom incase I decide to add a fin later. 
More posts as progress continues.