Balsa Gun

Posted in: News, Uncategorized by Richard Harvey on May 22, 2009

The balsa board has been finish coated and polished by master polisher Jun and is a now a pleasure to behold.

The abalone and cedar logo glows and the colour and grain of the balsa is revealed.
I’m happy with the result as I’m sure the new owner will be.
The final weight came in at around 17kg.
Well now it’s back to the easy shaping of foam, although I am in the process of preparing to build another timber board of cedar and balsa in the Duke finless style of the 30′s. 
More to come on that one.


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  1. Makdaddy

    Hi Richard – The board looks great!! I'll be heading to the Wooden Board show in August to check everything out. I've been planning to have a crack at building a hollow Paulonia fish/egg and also keen to build a chambered balsa board. Can I purchase balsa locally to do this? … the sandals and paintings look great too! Keep livin the dream :-)

    Comment by Makdaddy on June 10, 2009 at 5:43 pm