HUEY – The Surf Tiki

Posted in: News, Uncategorized by Richard Harvey on May 27, 2008

A short break was just what I needed to generate some inspiration. Even though I lay in bed at night with my mind rattling at a hundred thoughts per hour, the days away at Crescent were a great time to make a mental list of what I need to accomplish over the next few weeks.

Starting with a large piece called Huey – The Surf Tiki, which I have just finished, I decided rather than send it out to get scanned, I would use my small office scanner, do 8 sectional scans then fit them together and make some adjustments to the final piece. This allowed me more control over the final image. I’m happy with the result. A light hearted theme with bright and passionate colours, Huey – The Surf Tiki’s beat excites the primates out of their trees. The land and the sea pulse to the vibrations of his drum. 
Only 100 signed and numbered limited edition prints on archival paper at 30″ x 24″ will be reproduced. The original is not for sale.
Huey – The Surf Tiki reproductions can be pre-ordered to secure your copy.
Price AU $150.00 including Australian postage and comes packaged in a strong cardboard tube.
International postage depends on the destination. For a larger version and further details please email: