Shapers Workshop – Peter Apperly

Posted in: News, Uncategorized by Richard Harvey on March 13, 2009

Just received some comments from Peter Apperly on the Shapers Workshop.

I’ve just completed the 5 week shaping workshop with Richard Harvey and now riding a new self shaped 9”1’ Mal. After completing the course you don’t just walk away with a self made surfboard but the knowledge to build any shape you want, Richard basically teaches you the formula to shape and design surf boards. I’d 100% recommend the workshop to anyone wanting to learn about shaping and board design, it makes shaping so much more fluid when you know the methods and process rather than just having a go without the knowledge. I look at boards in a new light now and it has also changed the way I surf depending on the board and knowing what it has been designed for. Riding a self made board brings even more to the surf session, cheers.