Surfboard Shapers Workshop

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Ever wanted to learn the art of shaping?

Learn the what, how, and why from a shaper with 40 years experience handcrafting all styles of boards.

Understand the tools and techniques and completely shape your own surfboard, ready for glassing, whichever style you choose.

The SHAPERS WORKSHOP offers a series of short courses comprising 5 Modules of 2 hours each designed to teach you how to shape your design directly from a blank.



The shaping bay layout with lighting, stands, racks and benches.

Tools, what they do, how to use them and how to select yours.

Understanding the custom order form

Selecting the correct blank shape, length, weight and stringers for your design


Design elements

Creating templates

Translating measurements

Cutting your plan shape


Using the planer

Rough shaping the bottom

Rough shaping the deck

Rough shaping the rails


Fine Shaping

Rail shapes

How to shape Channels and Concaves

Tucked under edges


Checking for bumps

Gauze rails

Stringer heights

Marking fin positions

Final dimensions check and ID

Shape ready for glassing

Designing logos




Price varies depending on your blank choice but includes your finished shaped blank ready for glassing, All necessary protective shaping gear.

All designs long and short catered for.

contact Richard Harvey – 0414 557624 for price and available times

SOUTHCOAST FOAM used exclusively

As you can see from the Shapers Workshop Modules there is great scope for teaching a new generation of surfers the intricacy of the surfing lifestyle.

These modules can be taught as part of the Shapers Workshop Modules or can be customised to suit a variety of situations. The duration of each module is approximately 2 hours.

This unique series of Shapers Workshop Modules is being offered for the first time and will be a great addition to the education of surfers about their surfing and equipment.

The Shapers Workshop Modules range from introductory level to advanced one on one training. The modules are flexible so if you have specific needs in regards to the Workshop I can work with you to achieve the best outcome.

Course cost are an important part of the Workshop. One on one training is ideal and below are the details for this option.

For the introductory level each module is $150.00 for individuals.

If signing up for the complete 5 Shapers Workshop Modules then a discount of $50 applies and the price is $700.00 including GST. The cost of a blank, depending on the style of board, whether long or short, to be shaped must be added to the course cost. Protective equipment of goggles, ear plugs and dust mask for each participant is included in the price as is a folder with study notes and tool suggestions.

A deposit of $270 is required to book the 5 modules. This covers the cost of the first module and secures the dates for the next 4 modules. The balance which is payable as each module is completed is $130 for 3 modules and $80 for the fourth module.

A glassing service is availble where the student can come in while the board is glassed and will be given an understanding of the manufacturing techniques as the board is finished. The approximate manufacturing cost for a 6’ board is $350.00 finished to a wet and dry stage that is ready to ad art or take surfing.

These Shaper Workshop Modules are the ideal training ground to give skills that are rewarding, productive and which will lead to a great career that can be practiced worldwide.

If you would like further information on any of the Shapers Workshop Modules please don’t hesitate to contact me.


dear richard,

i just wanted to say a massive thank you for having me in to do the shapers workshop, it was without a doubt the best money i have ever spent, and was the most rewarding thing i’ve done in a long long time.
The board that you helped me to shape has become one of, if not my favourite board in my quiver, i ride it all the time and i love telling people that i shaped it from scratch!
Everyone in the surfboard industry is so cagey and so so reluctant to give away their “secrets” so its really refreshing to have someone of your level of knowledge and experience sharing all that they know. I learnt more in 10 mins with you than i have in the last few years working in surfboard manufacturing. Not just about shaping but also about my surfing, after 15 years of surfing and learning, i feel that i finally understand my surfboards better now, how they turn around the planshape, how the rocker and bottom rails are working together the way design affects performance and thats just the tip of the iceberg!
Doing the course has helped me to take all the pieces of knowledge that i already had and put them all together with what i learnt to make it coherent and it all just “makes sense” now. My surfing has definitely improved and i feel more connected to my boards, that in itself was worth the price of the course.
As far as shaping goes since doing the course i’ve shaped 2 alaias, 1 bellyboard, one 5’7″ quad and one 5’8″ mini simmons and the quality of my shaping has improved out of sight, i will probably never buy another surfboard again, i’m even contemplating shaping my first solid wooden board from scratch, something that i found daunting for a long time!
Thank you for teaching me the tools and techniques to shape with and to create my own boards. I really feel like the sky is the limit. I can’t recommend this course highly enough, for anyone regardless of skill level.

Thanks again Harvs i’ll be in soon to show you my latest board. Jesse.